Customer Centricity Quiz

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The following statements reflect the internal challenges that companies may face during their customer centricity journey. When thinking about your business, rate how well each statement describes your business today.


Rate the following statements on a scale of 0-5.
0-This does not describe us at all, 5-This describes us very well


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The statements below relate to challenges that customers may be experiencing with your brand. Thinking about those customers, rate how well each statement describes how your customers likely feel.


Rate the following statements on a scale of 0-5.
0-Customers don't feel this way at all, 5-Customers strongly feel this way


Where To Start

10: NON-NEGOTIABLES - You and your customers are both suffering, so it’s time to make some serious investments.
8-9: BURNING HOT - These items really need to be on your short list of problems to tackle.
6-7: NICE-TO-HAVES - If you can summon the resources and don’t have more pressing concerns, add these to your list of priorities.
1-5: BACKBURNER - These items may become important someday, but you can probably put them on ice for now.
0: NOTHING TO DO - Wow! Either you wrote down the wrong number, or you legitimately have nothing to worry about.


Regardless of your overall score, keep in mind that these are the things that your customers will want you to fix first.

Customer Centricity Quiz Results